The Fight For Marriage Is NEVER Over

Throughout history, those who wish to rewrite society from the top down have argued, once they gained the upper hand, that “the fight is over”. Indeed, too often those who have sought to revert to uncivilized behavior, including especially sexual misconduct which every civilized people come to condemn, are somehow “modern” and advanced. Way back around 1,000-900 AD when the Dorians invaded Greece they sacked cities and used force to alter society, introducing the barbarous practices of man-boy love. The “tradition” among these barbarian invaders, long since rejected by Mycenaen civilization, was for an older man to “tutor” a younger man, a boy who might be 10 years old, and make of him a “lover” before initiating him into the company of men.

The “argument” was over only because anyone who did not agree might be persecuted or killed by the new barbarian masters. There was no argument. There was imposition from above which a mostly cowed populace went along with because they did not want the hassle.

So too a cabal of elites have, over the past 10 years, invaded every sphere and, using a combination of activist judges and activist media (who tear into all opposition like rabid dogs), along with lawfare (suing anyone who refuses to cater to so-called gay marriage events or, recently, a Christian T-shirt company that refused to print pro-gay t-shirts), re-introduced the practices of homosexuality into the “mainstream” as “good” while demonizing all who do not agree as if they are the barbarians. They have imposed this, and most people, cowed by stories of the consequences inflicted on all dissentors, have decided it’s better to just go along with this new (but really rather old) practice.

And so marriage is redefined. In the once Christian society that used to exist, marriage between a man and a woman symbolized the relationship between Christ and the church, and while having children was not the sole purpose of the institution per se, the instutition was seen as the best and most effective way to ensure that children were raised by the natural father and mother. The exception, such as being barren or an untimely death, did not disprove the rule or change this ideal. Marriage included love between the man and the woman, but it was also about fatherhood and motherhood and it was a picture of the mystic union between Christ, the bridegroom, and the church, His Bride.

Marriage is now simply defined as feelings of “love”, or sexual pleasure, or just a “commited relationship” that lasts “until divorce” instead of for life. Its proponents believe this will have no negative consequences, let alone earn the ire of God!

If it had only been a case of saying it’s OK for two adults to have any relationship they please, hardly anyone would be effected. But the real policy we see now is to punish everyone who refuses to associate with the practice or those who practice it. This is based on the claim that homosexuality is inhereted genetically, without any proof being submitted. Moreover, the very notion that we can be “born” to behave in a certain way hearkens back to eugenics. It also ignores the fact that if people are born with a congenital disorder, as some might see homosexuality, the right response is to treat the disorder, not celebrate it.

I have interacted with gay rights groups and I can assure you, unless we, Christians, accept them, including participating in their activities if we have any service related business, renting to them, and even printing t-shirts for them as well as accepting them into our churches and Christian groups, they will use lawfare to destroy us. The agenda is to force Christianity into the closet.

The argument about homosexuality, it is argued, is over. Our society now believes, so our leaders say, that not wanting to associate with homosexual people or practices is akin to being prejudiced against black people. This is a  prophecy these leaders, who control all the agencies of influence and coercion, are going to do their best to fulfill. The argument is over as far as they are concerned, because they have, apparently, won. When they lost 14 different referenda in 2004 as the public voted for natural marriage rooted in fatherhood and motherhood the debate was not over- judges have struck down all those popular votes and the media went into over-drive prortraying an idealistic picture of homosexuality even as traditional marriage was portrayed in an extremely negative manner.

But the argument is not over because the participants in this argument are not limited to the echo chamber of our modern Dorian invaders or the docile and bullied public. This argument also involves God, His People who are being persecuted in America in the name of “gay rights”, and the forces of history which will inexorably condemn this barbarism and punish it with severe consequences- namely the loss of this entire civilization.

Long after the American state has become a bad memory, ushered into its demise by its retrograde march back to barbarism, the argument over these practices will be settled once and for all, at least as far as America is concerned- there will be no American state to punish Christians who refuse to participate in a gay marriage event, who publicly say that this is a sin, or who refuse to print pro-gay t-shirts. America today may choose to bow down to the new barbarians, but this false god will avail them nothing when the true and only God weighs in.

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We Are An Eternal Nation

We who follow Christ want to be part of a nation whose God is the Lord. Yes? Of course we do, and it’s healthy to want that, just like wanting to be married and have kids. I am talking here to Christians who do want to be part of a temporal nation whose God is the Lord.

Now, I believe God ordains the existence of temporal nations (national peoples is a more specific way to say what I am getting at- I am NOT talking about “states” or governments, this is a dfferent matter). Some do not, and I respect that, but I want to establish here that for those who seek or want a temporal nation (of people, or “national people”) whose God is the Lord, that I understand that. I also believe “nations” should be people-centered, not state-centered, as in a national people. This doesn’t mean that nations don’t have states, but nations have existed without states- the Assyrian nation of today and the Jewish nation come to mind- it means that statehood is not an essential ingredient for nationhood, as history plainly shows. In other words, I am focusing on the people aspect of what a nation is, NOT the state (which is a TOTALLY different matter).

So I have established, as for wanting a temporal nation of people whose God is the Lord, I believe that is a good thing: but it’s not the primary thing. Not even if God has told you He wants you to plant the seeds of such a nation or if He tells you to preach to a temporal nation. It may take up a lot of your time, but the thing that drives even that must be our core Christian “eternal national identity.”

For instance, my love for my wife is rooted in my love for God, our relationship is a model, albeit limited and a mere pale shadow, of my relationship with Jesus.

We as Christians, who see our nation, America (not the state, the national people), reject God, can get to feeling like we want to be part of a nation whose God is the Lord. We know America, as a nation that is rejecting God, is not on the winning side of eternal history.

Within me I believe I have the seeds of two nations of people, a temporal “nation of people whose God is the Lord” I may or may not live to see but which I has seen in my spirit, but, more importantly, an eternal, spiritual nation whose God is the Lord, whose sovereignty is rooted in love and faith, whose Government rests on the shoulders of Jesus Christ. I can appropriate my “citizenship” and eternal national identity in Christ or I can focus on this temporal nation, America, which is rejecting God and His Christ, our Lord.

Even if God woke you up tomorrow like Abraham and said “get thee up and I will make of thee a great nation” (a nation that is temporal) if you do not appropriate your heavenly citizenship in the eternal nation of the People of God, which is His Kingdom among us (a spiritual Kingdom), then this would avail you good ONLY in this life. If you managed to convince America to become a people-centered nation of people whose God is the Lord, with a state that serves that nation without trying to control that nation by coercion, and you did not grasp the meaning and significance of your eternal national identity which you share with every Believer, you’d miss God’s best for your life.

Even if you do not want or seek a temporal nation, as some are happy not to be married (for instance), the need to understand and appropriate your citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven is still just as strong as ever, just as the un-married person still needs to be married to Jesus.

We are a holy nation. We are a Kingdom of kings and priests unto the Lord. Not in the same way temporal nations exist, our existence is deeper, broader, and transcendent. We have power, not over non-believers, whom God rules and judges, but over the powers and principalities of darkness, which is even greater than temporal power. We advance our Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God, not with politics and dominion or coercion, but with our witness and influence and, yes, even by laying down our lives to give a martyr’s witness. (I might add- for the Christian we do not even advance or renew or influence temporal nations except by our witness and God-given influence).

I firmly believe we are right and just if we seek a temporal nation of people whose God is the Lord, but like the single adult who seeks a temporal spouse who must first be married eternally to Christ, we who would influence or be used to shape the temporal nations must first realize and appropriate our standing and our obligations to an eternal nation which, unlike ALL temporal nations, will pass not away.

I believe William Penn, who many credit as having sowed the seeds of the American nation, understood this and lived this- he knew that the roots even of the temporal nation God showed him must come were in that eternal nation which was, and is, and is to come (just like its King, Jesus Christ).

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Beating The Politocracy

Fighting The Godless Politocracy

 Politocracy- when politics is the center of life and when only the few control politics. 

Once again we hear that “this is the most crucial election in this generation” and now “our top priority is to beat Obama, ANY of the GOP candidates is better than Obama” and let’s not forget the tried and true “we need to pick the candidate who is most likely to beat Obama.”

This is all about the RINOSTABLISHMENT (RINO Establishment are the blue bloods who use conservative rhetoric to win votes but who compromise on social issues and only really care about big money interests)! They want to stay IN POWER, even if that means Obama wins the next election, but they have to do their “duty” for the Politocracy by preventing, at all costs, a true FREEDOMIST from getting the nomination.

What’s a Freedomist?

A Freedomist is for the “Free Domain Of The People”, where politics plays a minor role in life and where the consensus of the People rules over Politics according to the values and interests of the People.

Forget the way the Politocracy talks about politics: they even dare to choose  colors for groups, as in the freedom-seekers are told their color is red and the freedom takers are told their color is blue. I am a true BLUE freedom seeker, blue is the color of Freedom, we ALL know that RED is the banner of freedom-takers!

They use terms like “liberal” to define freedom-takers, who are anything but “liberty” oriented, and “conservative” to define freedom-seekers who are NOT really trying to “conserve” an existing order that is built on Progressivism and the Rinostablishment.

The Rino-Progressive Politocracy is hoodwinking us into fits of national distraction, we are falling for the idea that “we MUST defeat Obama at all costs!” Meanwhile, whoever wins, the Politocrats in the unions, the media, academia, government, and Wall Street quietly split the profits from their endless Ponzi scheme while acting like opponents for the cameras.

Mitt Romney is a Rinostablishment candidate and a member of the Politocracy, his opposition to Obama is purely the competition we find among siblings, he saves his true ire for outsiders, the freedom-seeking opponents he faces in the Primary, namely Gingrich and Santorum. (The fact that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney do not attack each other MEANS something, and many suspect that Ron Paul is a quisling “patriot” who is willingly being used to siphon of the vote to help Romney).

But this is all just smoke and mirrors.

Whoever wins in November, we must remember that America’s Founders didn’t try to change London, they started their revolution for freedom by changing their Town Meetings- they used the governments they COULD control against the government they couldn’t control! They even built this thinking into our system of government, a confederal union (federalism) of coequal states which are in turn a federation of coequal local governments. The starting point for the American revolution was the Town Meeting, and it was the TOWNS, not the Colonies at first, that INITIALLY led the resistance to the Crown.

This is the path forward- and it is the quickest and easiest way to STOP the Politocracy, a path that we can take and have confidence in NO MATTER WHO WINS IN NOVEMBER!

Imagine knowing that we have a great way to stop this Politocracy in its tracks, using a method that can work in just a few months of at most a few years, to basically use the local governments we can control to confront and resist the state and federal governments that, at present, we cannot control?

HOW do we do this?

I’ll keep it simple- we start by doing three key things: we repent, we petition, and we gather.

We repent of the immorality of this nation, including its stance on abortion, and we pledge ourselves not to participate in these immoral acts, which includes not asking others to pay for the immoral choices of others.

That might sound odd to you, but we can’t expect that God is going to help us, and we need His help, if we don’t have clean hands ourselves. We also need to use this to raw a line in the sand between right and wrong- it’s wrong to murder the unborn, it’s wrong to force people to pay for the immoral choices of others, and it’s wrong for the government to despise the will of the People in the name of a godless progressive ideology!

Next, we need to petition.

We petition God first, asking Him to protect our freedom from all threats to our liberty and our independence. This is spiritual warfare and it is the basis of our whole approach, because this is a spiritual fight, not a political fight.

By taking this out of the political arena we move into territory where we have the advantage. The godless Politocracy can’t compete in the spiritual realm: they have dirty hands and wicked hearts, and they cannot have any petition they might ask from God.

After we petition God, we have to take our petition to our local officials. We have to make it visible to them that we expect them to do their duty, and we have to get them on record. We can do this by such devices as asking for a “Religious Freedom Month” proclamation, by asking local officials to sign a pledge making our community a “sanctuary for the Bill of Rights”, and by asking them to pledge themselves to not cooperate with any law or regulation that violates our freedom.

Whatever their answer, we take this to the People: we let them know who is with us and who isn’t and we ask them to pledge to only vote for local candidates who have taken a pledge to protect our freedom.

Finally, we gather regularly for mutual assurance and mutual support in the ongoing fight for freedom.

Gathering can involve starting a local freedom press, staging public events around the ideas of repent, petition, gather, and making social connections with people who mutually pledge to uphold one another’s welfare, rights, and possessions against al hazards.

This gathering part of the plan restores the Town Meeting- every citizen who agrees with upholding the liberty and independence of all the people in their community and who pledges to mutually support their fellow citizens in preserving their freedom is welcome, but ONLY such citizens.

This is how our Founders defeated their Politocracy in London- they repented to God for any sins and made sure they were right with Him, they petitioned God and their LOCAL governments and then their fellow citizens, and they gathered locally in their Town Meetings to continue the fight through thick and thin!

We need to stop playing the game by THEIR rules, we need to go back to the well of Freedom that our Founders dug, led by OUR brightest revolutionary mind, Samuel Adams!


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The State As An Instrument For Popular Freedom?

The idea that “the state” is an inherently bad, negative thing seems to be counter to plain common sense, and on this score I have to dissent from the view even held by Thomas Paine that government is but a “necessary evil”. If government is a necessary evil, then so are all the popular national institutions a nation and its Peoples need in order to function as a cohesive commonwealth. It may very well be that Paine and his confederates had such a view of government in light of the abuses of unpopular government; that is government that was not in fact a popular national institution.

We should say that unpopular government is an evil that it is not only NOT necessary but that it positively threatens the nation’s existence, while popular government of the People is a positive good for the nation and is by no means evil. Government is not the problem, our understanding of the proper view and nature of the state as an instrument for popular freedom is what we find lacking. The freedom-minded have long had a negative, reactionary view of the state. I want to challenge the reader to have a positive and proactive view of the state as an instrument for popular freedom.

A positive state is a state that acts as an instrument for the actualization of a rational and ethical order that reflects the ethical substance of its Peoples within the whole nation.  

Through such a state the internal and external security and safety needs of the nation are met and in such a free and secure environment other popular national institutions may order and structure themselves in a rational and ethical manner to positively fulfill their role within their proper sphere of functional authority within the nation.

In this manner, the active participation of the Peoples of the nation within and through these popular national institutions serves not only the individual’s interest but the commonwealth of all.

When a state becomes a taker of the freedom of individuals, their communities of interest, and other popular national institutions, rather than merely being a protector of the freedom of the whole nation against all hazards, then it becomes to the Body Politic what a cancerous organ does to a physical body. It sucks the life from the rest of the body, takes over as the “head” over the People and their God, and kills the creative, moral, and national life of the People. At this point either the now malignant state, as a Politocracy (the triumph of politics over ALL aspects of national and individual life), must be removed and replaced with a healthy organ or the nation will die.

If, however, the ethical substance of the Peoples in the nation is corrupt, then simply changing the state will not suffice to cure the cancer, it will re-appear in some other form as other popular national institutions become corrupted and begin to suck the life out of the nation.

In other words, ANY popular national institution can become corrupted and suck the life out of the nation, not just the state: indeed it may be that when the state becomes corrupt it is becoming a tool in the hand of a once popular but now corrupted national institution. This is the reason for things like theocracy, plutocracy, oligarchy, fascism, communism, or simple dictatorships.

All in all, these systems fall within the definition of a Politocracy- a nation in which the political power controls all aspects of national and private life while a small group of individuals control the state for their own benefit and not for the benefit of the Peoples within the nation.

There are two key elements needed to produce and preserve a free commonwealth where the People Rule according to God’s Approved Wisdom, by their consent:  the activation of the popular national institutions through active participation and, most urgently, the maintenance, through education and cultural norms, of the ethical substance of the nation.

If the ethical substance is diminished and becomes polluted by negative ideas that lead to immorality, social ills, and death then participation will fall off and the once popular institutions will become corrupted, paving the way for some form of a Politocracy. If participation by the Peoples as individuals and communities of interest within their popular national institutions falls off, then these institutions will diminish the ethical substance of the Peoples and a process of becoming a Politocracy will occur.

The ethical substance of the Peoples, founded on sound principles and truths which are both relevant to the present and consistent with those ancient truths humanity has learned the hard way, is what guards the freedom of individuals, communities of interests, and whole Peoples within a nation.

The manifestation of this vitality of creative and spiritual energy is the active participation of individuals in their popular national institutions as well as the emergence from among them, and within those institutions, of leaders who are qualified by skill, character, participation, and the approbation of the people they lead.

The ideas of Hegel and Marx (Hegelian ideas that the state is the prime mover of history and the Marxist notion that material conditions are the prime mover of history) are flawed.

The prime mover of human history is the ongoing war between godliness and godlessness and the way this manifests in the history of nations is in the ethical substance of Peoples within the nations. History is primarily governed by the content and character of the ethical substance of Peoples; all other factors serve as secondary influences even if in some instances, at certain times, it might seem that other secondary factors are the leading influence on events.

Throughout history similar events have occurred which have led to different results, as in the case of the American Revolution versus the French Revolution. In the American case the ethical substance of the Peoples within America was strong enough to witness the birth of a state that was capable of moving freedom forward, while the French Revolution led to Politocracy and tyranny because the ethical substance of the French People at that time had been corrupted already.

The liberation of South Africa from racist rule did not lead to social collapse or a massive new Politocracy as it did in places like Rhodesia and the Congo: again, same event, different ethical substance of the Peoples involved. It may be argued that the South African Government is becoming a Politocracy, but that, despite its ideology, it hasn’t come as far along as most European nations is proof of some underlying positive ethical substance among all or some of its Peoples.

This is not to say any People is better than any other, every People who have had a corrupt ethical substance can obtain a sound ethical substance, and every People who have a sound ethical substance can degenerate and witness the corruption of their ethical substance.

A state is not in and of itself a bad thing. In Romans 13 the description of what we might call the state, as a protector of the good and punisher of the evil, is not negative at all. The officers of the state are considered to be “God’s minister to thee for good.” This is not the description of a state that punishes good and protects evil, a state that does not execute righteous judgment, and so it is not an endorsement, as some have supposed, of an unlimited state.

The state is sole bearer of the sword. In its martial functions it is simply not under the authority of the OTHER popular national institutions including the sacred, social, and economic authority of individuals, communities, Peoples, and the nation at large: These do not have arms as such, but arms for defense can only be owned, possessed, or used IN SERVICE OF THE STATE.

(NOTE: I am not talking about using guns for hunting or home defense, which are private concerns that the State has no legitimate authority over, although issuing licenses to ensure against over-harvesting is a legitimate concern of the state).

In America, the second amendment recognizes in private citizens the role of defenders of the freedom of the state against foreign or domestic threats by “the right to keep and bear arms”, in a sense then, private citizens are recognized in this nation as being liable for martial service when or if the state itself is threatened by other foreign or domestic threats, including, of course, the seizing of the state for parochial interests.

The prior ownership of these arms is proof against the national level of government becoming a tyrant over individuals and their local governments, but the object is to preserve a state that upholds freedom, even if the “enemy” is a domestic government that tries to take freedom, thereby destroying the FREE STATE of the PEOPLE from within.

This does not mean that a private citizen can “take up arms” or form some private “militia”, the proper channels for protecting the state are the organs of government from the local level upward. A town or county, or a state, is the only proper means by which and through which the martial resources of the Peoples of the nation can be organized or mobilized in times of need, but even here prudence dictates that all peaceful and legal redress and petitioning is utilize before ANY state, at ANY level, takes up arms against another state.

The key thing here is that STATES, not private individuals or other popular national institutions, are the sole bearer of the martial sword, even WHEN individuals own arms for private home defense, private hunting, and for being potential volunteers in service to their state from the local to the national level.

If then the sacred authority through some “national church” were to “arm” itself and begin to demand that its particular confession of faith become a mandatory confession for all people, then this would be the sacred intruding into the civilc which results in a theocracy where people who CLAIM to “hear from God” dictate law in the basis of their own private convictions.

This brings us to the role of “faith”, the convictions of the People, in the governance of the state.

The old Sunday “blue laws” were all well and good when they were genuinely popular, but as consensus changed, these laws were repealed by popular consensus. If they had been upheld against popular consensus on the basis of “religion” then this would have been a theocratic ruling.

Laws that violated individual conscious, such as requiring people to attend a worship service, were well out of the bounds of the state, as are the state sanction of marriage, which is a social and sacred institution that the state can uphold but cannot alter or abolish.

On the other hand, when the state decides that the religious faith of its citizens cannot and must not influence the results of elections or referenda, in so far as those beliefs relate to the legitimate functions of the civic authority of the state, then the opposite of a theocracy occurs, an “atheocracy”, a rule by atheists who deem their opinions to be superior to popular will.

For instance, the State is well within its bounds in regulating the foreign policy of the nation with regards to other nations. If the People decide that they want that policy to reflect their Christian beliefs in “doing unto others what you would have them do unto you”, and therefore refuse to allow the state to interfere in the internal affairs of a foreign nation without the consent or invitation of the People of that nation in defense of freedom for ALL their citizens. then this must be the policy!

If, on the other hand, the People say that the state should only give foreign aid to nations that are “Christian” then this would be “out of bounds” because one state cannot coerce or manipulate other states where the issue is their common faith: the People COULD demand that no foreign aid go to states that fail to protect the religious freedom of ALL of their citizens, because the state is properly supposed to be an agent for upholding freedom, not for upholding tyranny.

Regardless of the SOURCE of the beliefs or convictions of the People, and NONE are “off the table” in the decision-making process, the state is only limited by its legitimate civic authority and it cannot ever assume “headship” over the other authorities (sacred, social, economic), even though it acts to protect and maintain their freedom as popular national institutions.

Any effort to disqualify any set of beliefs as the basis for creating a popular consensus that becomes the guiding light for public policy is a breach against the civic authority of the People which is itself SUPREME over the agent of that authority, their state. It is only when those beliefs, if they become the popular consensus, move the state from being a protector of freedom to being a taker of freedom that a line is crossed.

The state cannot over-step its legitimate civic authority and take on the leading role in the other three authorities no matter what, whether it does so based on religious or irreligious grounds.

For this reason Sharia law is unjust, it not only violates the inherent rights of individuals, but it gives martial power to so-called sacred and social bodies and it makes the state subservient to those non-civic authorities, which forces the state to use its martial power in the other authorities and over them.

When the voters of California voted to uphold the long-held definition of marriage as being an institution of the sacred and social order defined by one man and one woman, the atheocracy of the Courts stepped in to over-rule them on the basis of atheistic doctrine, setting aside popular consent in favor of the opinion of an atheistic minority. This was an atheocratic ruling.

So here we see, on one hand the theocracy that can result from the “church” intruding into the matters of the civic authority and, on the other hand, the state interfering in matters best left to the sacred and social authorities of the People.

The state can be positive and good when it is constructed, in its structure and rules and even in how it choses its officials, as an instrument for popular freedom, when it protects the popular national institutions, when it reflects, primarily, the consensus of the whole PEOPLE of the nation, and when it preserves the external integrity of the individual, the family, communities of interests, Peoples, and popular national institutions against all hazards, regardless of their source, punishing evil and protecting good.

Such a state cannot be a “necessary evil”, for protecting good and punishing evil, and upholding popular freedom while reflecting the ethical substance of the Peoples of the nation are all good, positive, and useful things.

It is the Politocracy, a corrupted state that cannot live up to these righteous standards of governance, that is not necessary but that is only EVIL. Dealing with that state is not, however, a matter for martial resistance. The root problem is spiritual and any true uprising for freedom against a godless Politocracy MUST be spiritual first, foremost, and always!

We cannot, however, propose to wage spiritual war against something evil if we do not know and propose an alternative that is “good”. We must understand that the State MUST BE a positive instrument for popular freedom, we must stop just seeing the state as a “necessary evil”. When it is good, the state is good, when it is not good, it is evil.








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Welcome To The Brave New POLITOCRACY!

The Brave New Politocracy: Where Politics Controls The People and  Where Politicos and The Big Money Donors Control The Government

WARNING: RADICAL TRUTH AND HONESTY ON DISPLAY, don’t read this if you “know your place” on the plantation and are comfortable with that!

Is America a democracy, a republic, a plutocracy, or even a fascist regime? People have used all these terms and more, but, really, what defines America’s current reality isn’t “conservatism” or “liberalism”, or even “constitutionalism” versus “progressivism”.

The heart of the battle that now rages in America is the war between the godliness and ungodliness, and this war manifests itself very often in the realm of “politics”, with various forms of godlessness imposing slavery and various forms of godliness seeking freedom as God has given us and as God defines it. No other view of conflict and of historical cycles is correct, only the views based on godliness versus godlessness have the ability to explain every conflict and to propose positive solutions!

The real battle line in terms of public life and public policy is between Freedom and the Politocracy- on one hand freedom within a nation that has separate authorities where most political power is local and where the People Rule by some form of consensus OR slavery in an American state that controls every aspect of life, where every issue or problem is “political”, and where the government rules the People and a few insiders, namely politicos and their big money donors or special interest backers, rule the government.

These two opposing systems are not defined. by “ideology”, it is more about method and behavior than what people say they want or even intend. 

The first system called, “The Freedom Commonwealth”, is a Biblical view for a society that has a state with limited and defined duties where most issues and needs are addressed without the political power being much involved. The state acts as a limited commonwealth of freedom, the People Rule, and only God is considered to be “supreme”.

When I was young I had a God-given creative insight into what a freedom commonwealth could be, I called it by the name of “Upadaria” (you-pah-dare-ee-ah) after the initials “UPDR” which stand for two things:

UPDR as a “United Popular Democratic Republic” where “The People” (Upa in ancient Persian) “Rule” (Daria in ancient Persian, from ‘King Darius’) according to God’sApproved” (Upa in ancient, pre-koine Greek and Sanskrit) “Wisdom” (Daria in both pre-koine Greek and ancient Persian).

UPDR as “The Four Biblical Pillars of Governance“, being Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and the Rule of law.

Others have expressed and defined the Freedom Commonwealth differently, many just using the word “Republic“, but generally these similar approaches all agree with these things.

When people in a region accept territorial responsibility to build freedom for Christ locally according to the Biblical UPDR model for a Freedom Commonwealth we call this connected community a “Regency of The People“, and if we learn to activate people to practice their God-given regency together we can see a NEW birth of the Freedom Commonwealth in this land.

But first we must understand how much UNLIKE a Freedom Commonwealth this nation is today.

The second system, which is our main subject, we call “the Plantation Politocracy”, it is a godless view for a society that is controlled by a state with unlimited and broadly defined duties where most issues and needs are addressed by and for benefit of the political power, including the politicos and their big money backers. The state replaces God and the People only vote for the options the politicos and their backers let them choose from.

You could have a “conservative” like ideology or a “progressive” like ideology and yet STILL be either in the Freedom camp or the Politocracy camp. The real question is “how will you pursue your goals, by means of a Freedom Commonwealth or an Plantation Politocracy?”

People who are for something more like a Freedom Commonwealth where “the People Rule by God’s Approved Wisdom”, via their consent, fall into the “Freedomist” camp. Unless they learn to practice their God-given LOCAL regency together, however, they will never really change anything!

People who are for political solutions to all of our problems and who want the affections and values of the People, based on their shared belief in God, to be subordinated to the whims of politicos and their big money supporters all into the “Politocracy” camp.

It’s godliness or ungodliness, it’s FREEDOM or POLITOCRACY! There are Freedomists and Politocrats!

America has become a Politocracy where insiders and their big money backers use everything from media, academia, the courts, and regulations to impose their own agenda, a godless, freedom-taking agenda that gives them more wealth and more power at the expense of the People. A Politocracy has the sheen of a democracy, but the issues, the beliefs and values that are allowed in the discussion, as well as the list of candidates the people are allowed to choose from, are limited to what the Politicocrats wish to offer.

Unlike an outright dictatorship, a Politocracy is a far subtler form of freedom-taking and rule-making and it is wrapped up in the language of freedom, liberty, and democracy when it is, in reality, an insidious threat to all of these things. Unfortunately, like a woman who cannot bring herself to have that lump in her breast checked out, most of the People in this land do not WANT to take a good hard look at what has been happening to their nation.

In the Politocracy, the news media isn’t “state-owned”, but its players are big money backers to the political class and their self-interest guarantees that what is reported reflects a view they wish the People to have: no matter to them that facts are left out, that lies are added, or that big issues are set aside for stupid distractions. Politocratic News operates on behalf of the politocrats in general, it is employed ONLY in their service.

It doesn’t LOOK like “state run news”, in fact when non-politocrats are in high office, it may even seem like it is going after “the government”, but even this is a sham. The only way to get the ire of the Politocratic Media is for a public official to do godly things for the People instead of doing godless things for the politicos and their big money donors!

The same is true of Academia, it has been peopled at the top by minions of the Politocracy who seek to shape young minds in the interest of that Politocracy and, for a lucky few who show no moral scruples, to find fresh members of the Politocracy. From kindergarten on up, the best way to advance in Academia is to advance the Politocratic agenda in the classroom: anybody who fails to do this is swimming against the tide. The godly are routinely harassed and treated unfairly while the godless are praised and protected from scrutiny.

In entertainment there is no need for a ministry of propaganda, the “entertainers” and the “producers” are in fact big money backers to the politicos, and they expect their politicos to dance to their tune: in other words the entertainment industry is largely owned and controlled by the Politocrats themselves! Why do we see so many “stars” touting the sort of ideology best suited to a Politocracy? The answer is simple, they are the Politocrats!

In our brave new politocracy everything is “political”- the “government” makes rules for everything we do and say, both in public and in private, every type of community and institution is subject to its edicts and nothing is autonomous from government or out of bounds for its regulators. Marriage is now a “political issues” as Politocrats, seeking to destroy any “competition”, seek to destroy the only legitimate form of family, centered on father and mother, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents- their artificial construct of “family” where sexuality and pleasure with anything or anyone is the new “center” simply destroys ancient bonds and makes the hapless individual an isolated victim of their programs who cannot fight back!

In short, “gay marriage”, “no-fault divorce”, a welfare policy that FAVORS single mothers, state-funded contraception, and abortion are all designed to destroy an institution that is, when it is healthy, more powerful than the state. By making us only “individuals” connected by nothing more than self-interest and self-indulgence, the Politocrats divide us to conquer us.

A society that fails to nurture its life-affirming and freedom-building institutions, such as family, faith communities, local communities, private enterprise, private property, and private free-associations is a society ripe for rape by a Politocracy.

In the name of so-called “individual freedom” we are all made helpless slaves who cannot call on anyone to defend us from our abusers!

Welcome to our brave new politocracy!

Note: hat tip to my wife, Dora, who coined the word “politocracy”!

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Repent, Petition, Gather- Beyond The Tea Party

I have often said that the Tea Party needs to be a repentance party. So when I was challenged about this and asked, “so, what are YOU doing about this?” I knew I had to act. What I have seen with the Tea Party is a willingness to craft a “coalition” around three GENERAL (but NOT simple) ideas- fiscal sanity, Constitutionally limited government, and a free market. The problem with broad coalitions is that they cannot ACT with any real UNITY, witness the current fractures within the Tea Party over which candidate best serves these ends. The second problem, as I see it, is that this set of goals misses the most VITAL problem we face as a nation- our lack of moral backbone.


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Don’t get me wrong, and don’t misquote me either, the idea of using the government to fix our moral crisis is the LAST THING I want to do! In fact, I don’t want to do it at all!

Which really takes me to my point. Our crisis is NOT political, it is rooted in deeply spiritual issues, in other words the moral “character” of our society is far removed from a godly moral character: our society has become a godless society that DESERVES to experience god’s wrath! But thankfully, God is SLOW to anger, always willing to forgive after repentance, and patient in His efforts to draw us away from the law of sin and death and back towards the law of love and liberty, the law of the Spirit, of LIFE in Christ Jesus!

When I see Tea Party groups openly say that “social issues” (morality) are not their concern it makes me grieve inside for the waste of time and space and energy that is being put into this “movement”, which, more and more, is being characterized as a loose confederation of “fiscal conservatives” who positively avoid morality as if it was the plague itself. I could not, as a Christ-follower, in good conscience be affiliated with a group that actually says that “morals don’t matter, especially in politics”.

You either believe that morals matter, or your don’t. it’s as simple as that.

Now, if morals matter, HOW do we strive together to restore them?

I believe that a good place to start is to publicly gather and proclaim our intentions and commitments in three ways:

1. We should gather in public, in front of court houses and city halls, and publicly REPENT of America’s sins against God as a nation.

Our nation willfully adopts policies that celebrate and protect godless behavior, this is beyond just saying “the state won’t get involved”, this is about the state forcing people who DON’T want anything to do with certain acts or behaviors to either endorse and associate with such activities or those who do them or face repercussions, from social shaming to legal actions.

The state has very limited authority to IMPOSE a moral, and especially religious, behavior or lifestyle on anyone, but when it positively IMPOSES a-morality in its education standards, in its regulations, and its policies, while protecting those who, for instance, murder the unborn, or when it forces those who wish to follow a godly way of life to pay for lifestyle choices or to associate with people who openly choose those godless lifestyles, then it goes over a line, it is sinning against God and the People!

By electing people who do these things, by bending to their laws and policies, and by even participating in these godless behaviors, we ourselves share in that sin. So, we should publicly repent, renounce that sin, and declare openly our commitment to live a life as separate as possible from those godless behaviors and those who commit them.

Notice, this is not about demanding that government make everyone live as we do, it is about us choosing to live God’s way and not the way of the world!

2. We should petition LOCAL Government and GOD HIMSELF to protect out Freedom!

It’s time we learn where our local officials stand. In the 1770′s Americans first petitioned their LOCAL governments to protect their freedoms against the “federal” power of the King. It was LOCAL government that mobilized, organized, and led the Revolution. Samuel Adams started the whole thing by going to his own city government, the Boston Town Meeting, and urging that government to petition the King on behalf of the People.

So, we should do petitions to our local government asking EACH OFFICIAL to sign a pledge to uphold ALL of the Bill of Rights and to commit to a policy of non-compliance if the State or Federal governments seek to enforce freedom-taking laws, policies, or regulations within that local government’s jurisdiction. Those who sign should be applauded, those who refuse should be exposed.

Finally, however, this petition should be symbolically presented to God Himself as we who have first repented of our nation;s sins and committed to separate ourselves from them, appeal to God to protect the freedom HE gave us.

3. We should gather for mutual support and encouragement!

Every town or village, every town, township, county, city, or parish should have an active Freedom Team that commits itself to urging people to take the first two steps, to establishing a local “news blog” to communicate with local people, to learning the spiritual and Biblical foundations of the Bill of Rights and teaching them to others, and to generally helping any member who has a need, crisis, or lack that the group can meet.

Each Team should focus on these things, but this should be layered on a foundation of seven key Biblical devotions- to God (worship, being in His presence), to the Apostle’s teaching (sound doctrine, Biblical literacy), to breaking of bread (eating together), to being connected (fellowship in the sense of sharing resources and supporting one one another), to the great commission (showing people what TRUE Freedom is), the great commandment (to love and to love our neighbor through mutual assurance and benevolence), and to pray (spiritual warfare for the community, seeking God’s power in defending and promoting HIS Freedom).

This should NOT be church-based or clergy-led. Anyone should be able to participate, but let the clergy off the hook this one time to focus on the deeper things of the Word, let the People themselves lead these Teams and as Teams emerge, they can form their own Freedom Committees to extend the Freedom of Christ throughout the WHOLE region!

This is the basic idea for going beyond the Tea Party. It would have a political impact, but it is not based on politics and its goal is not political. We can use our citizenship wisely and fruitfully, but if we are not using it for the Kingdom of God to be established in the hearts of men, then we are wasting our efforts, in my opinion.

WILL YOU STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, and GET INVOLVED? Will you Repent, Petition, and Gather to protect our freedom from the powers of darkness which have waged war on the freedom God has given us?

If you want to ACT, let’s start by just dropping me a line.

Send an email to and let’s connect and see how God will prosper us.

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A Future Worth Saving?

So is the future really worth saving, or are we the terminal generation who will witness the end of freedom, and the end of godliness, in America? It would seem that the Progressive Freedom Takers are emboldened: they control the national institutions that matter, the majority who oppose them are divided and weak, and it seems that every new outrage is met with the sound of crickets.

Objectively and humanly speaking, the future is doomed. The people who could help stem the tide are not doing so, the people who want to stem the tide are powerless. So, what hope is there?

I suppose if we stood up for right only if we thought out chances of success were good that we might all be looking to get out of this crazy place to find some new homeland, but some fights are worth fighting, no matter the outcome. Sometimes the wrong is so wrong that you can’t do anything other than stand up and fight.

IF we were only seeing with man’s eyes we would despair. But “we wrestle not against flesh and blood”, but rather, “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph 6:12)

The next verse offers us the greatest hope: Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (Eph 6:13)

You might think this is all hope and dreams and fantasy, but the truth is that  God is simply bigger, better, and stronger than anything or anyone. If WE choose God, guess what folks, HE fights for US!

Exodus 32:26

Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD’s side? let him come unto me. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him.

Joshua 5: 13-14

And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, behold, there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand: and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, Art thou for us, or for our adversaries?

And he said, Nay; but as captain of the host of the LORD am I now come. And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto him, What saith my lord unto his servant?

The question is not, as the Germans proposed in World War One “Gott Mit Uns” (God with us) but, rather, ARE WE WITH GOD?

If we are with Him, we can’t be with the world. That really means that we don’t DO the things they do and we don’t even associate with such things- we don’t endorse them, we oppose them vocally, we don’t finance them. we don’t participate in them directly or indirectly.

Right now the world has, in America, been using cultural pressure and social shaming, and now the Progressives in the government have moved on to using outright coercion to force us to pay for things that we might find morally reproachable. Of course, we can’t obey such edicts, and no amount of spin or lies is going to change our minds, so some of us might find ourselves in prison or worse.

But as for the Progressive war on freedom, it is a war God Himself. God is not on OUR side, but we are most definitely on HIS SIDE and, my fellow Believers, THAT is always the right side to be on!

So, what can we do?

I for one am doing what I can, taking this battle into the heavenly dimension where we who believe have the power!

I am working on organizing a local “uprising”, a spiritual uprising, against the freedom takers. It is a call to three things:

1. To repent of America’s national sins against God, including abortion, to commit to living clean lives that are blameless before God, and to denounce these sins as well as commit to separating ourselves from such sins and those who promote or defend them, except to witness to such people about the love of God and the redemption of the Cross

2. To make petitions to local governments asking them to defend our freedom by committing to a policy of non-cooperation with any state or federal law, policy, or regulation that violates the Bill of Rights, while taking those same petitions to God and asking HIM to defend HIS PEOPLE from their enemies

3. To commit to gathering with others in our communities to form Freedom Teams with an initial focus on learning the spiritual and Biblical roots of the Bill of Rights and conducting spiritual warfare to call on God to move in our communities to turn our hearts to Him and to supernaturally protect the freedom of His People in that community

I believe that wherever an army of “Dragon Slayers For Jesus” emerge, like this, who will take this message into the streets, that God WILL move supernaturally.

I don’t want this to be a “church” thing, or to be “clergy led”, this needs to be Believers coming together, regardless of where and how they worship and assemble with other Christians, acting as ONE BODY! I would not even condone a clergy member leading an such events nor going through the clergy to advertise them- the clergy have their role, they shouldn’t always be saddled with all the work, WE NEED TO ALL take this on ourselves!

The future is worth “saving” but we don’t need to save it.

You see, I cheated, I read the BACK OF THE BOOK…..God wins!

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