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We Are An Eternal Nation

We who follow Christ want to be part of a nation whose God is the Lord. Yes? Of course we do, and it’s healthy to want that, just like wanting to be married and have kids. I am talking here to Christians who do want to be part of a temporal nation whose God is […]

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Beating The Politocracy

Fighting The Godless Politocracy  Politocracy- when politics is the center of life and when only the few control politics.  Once again we hear that “this is the most crucial election in this generation” and now “our top priority is to beat Obama, ANY of the GOP candidates is better than Obama” and let’s not forget […]

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The State As An Instrument For Popular Freedom?

The idea that “the state” is an inherently bad, negative thing seems to be counter to plain common sense, and on this score I have to dissent from the view even held by Thomas Paine that government is but a “necessary evil”. If government is a necessary evil, then so are all the popular national […]

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Welcome To The Brave New POLITOCRACY!

The Brave New Politocracy: Where Politics Controls The People and  Where Politicos and The Big Money Donors Control The Government WARNING: RADICAL TRUTH AND HONESTY ON DISPLAY, don’t read this if you “know your place” on the plantation and are comfortable with that! Is America a democracy, a republic, a plutocracy, or even a fascist regime? […]

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Repent, Petition, Gather- Beyond The Tea Party

I have often said that the Tea Party needs to be a repentance party. So when I was challenged about this and asked, “so, what are YOU doing about this?” I knew I had to act. What I have seen with the Tea Party is a willingness to craft a “coalition” around three GENERAL (but […]

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A Future Worth Saving?

So is the future really worth saving, or are we the terminal generation who will witness the end of freedom, and the end of godliness, in America? It would seem that the Progressive Freedom Takers are emboldened: they control the national institutions that matter, the majority who oppose them are divided and weak, and it […]

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