Repent, Petition, Gather- Beyond The Tea Party

I have often said that the Tea Party needs to be a repentance party. So when I was challenged about this and asked, “so, what are YOU doing about this?” I knew I had to act. What I have seen with the Tea Party is a willingness to craft a “coalition” around three GENERAL (but NOT simple) ideas- fiscal sanity, Constitutionally limited government, and a free market. The problem with broad coalitions is that they cannot ACT with any real UNITY, witness the current fractures within the Tea Party over which candidate best serves these ends. The second problem, as I see it, is that this set of goals misses the most VITAL problem we face as a nation- our lack of moral backbone.


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Don’t get me wrong, and don’t misquote me either, the idea of using the government to fix our moral crisis is the LAST THING I want to do! In fact, I don’t want to do it at all!

Which really takes me to my point. Our crisis is NOT political, it is rooted in deeply spiritual issues, in other words the moral “character” of our society is far removed from a godly moral character: our society has become a godless society that DESERVES to experience god’s wrath! But thankfully, God is SLOW to anger, always willing to forgive after repentance, and patient in His efforts to draw us away from the law of sin and death and back towards the law of love and liberty, the law of the Spirit, of LIFE in Christ Jesus!

When I see Tea Party groups openly say that “social issues” (morality) are not their concern it makes me grieve inside for the waste of time and space and energy that is being put into this “movement”, which, more and more, is being characterized as a loose confederation of “fiscal conservatives” who positively avoid morality as if it was the plague itself. I could not, as a Christ-follower, in good conscience be affiliated with a group that actually says that “morals don’t matter, especially in politics”.

You either believe that morals matter, or your don’t. it’s as simple as that.

Now, if morals matter, HOW do we strive together to restore them?

I believe that a good place to start is to publicly gather and proclaim our intentions and commitments in three ways:

1. We should gather in public, in front of court houses and city halls, and publicly REPENT of America’s sins against God as a nation.

Our nation willfully adopts policies that celebrate and protect godless behavior, this is beyond just saying “the state won’t get involved”, this is about the state forcing people who DON’T want anything to do with certain acts or behaviors to either endorse and associate with such activities or those who do them or face repercussions, from social shaming to legal actions.

The state has very limited authority to IMPOSE a moral, and especially religious, behavior or lifestyle on anyone, but when it positively IMPOSES a-morality in its education standards, in its regulations, and its policies, while protecting those who, for instance, murder the unborn, or when it forces those who wish to follow a godly way of life to pay for lifestyle choices or to associate with people who openly choose those godless lifestyles, then it goes over a line, it is sinning against God and the People!

By electing people who do these things, by bending to their laws and policies, and by even participating in these godless behaviors, we ourselves share in that sin. So, we should publicly repent, renounce that sin, and declare openly our commitment to live a life as separate as possible from those godless behaviors and those who commit them.

Notice, this is not about demanding that government make everyone live as we do, it is about us choosing to live God’s way and not the way of the world!

2. We should petition LOCAL Government and GOD HIMSELF to protect out Freedom!

It’s time we learn where our local officials stand. In the 1770′s Americans first petitioned their LOCAL governments to protect their freedoms against the “federal” power of the King. It was LOCAL government that mobilized, organized, and led the Revolution. Samuel Adams started the whole thing by going to his own city government, the Boston Town Meeting, and urging that government to petition the King on behalf of the People.

So, we should do petitions to our local government asking EACH OFFICIAL to sign a pledge to uphold ALL of the Bill of Rights and to commit to a policy of non-compliance if the State or Federal governments seek to enforce freedom-taking laws, policies, or regulations within that local government’s jurisdiction. Those who sign should be applauded, those who refuse should be exposed.

Finally, however, this petition should be symbolically presented to God Himself as we who have first repented of our nation;s sins and committed to separate ourselves from them, appeal to God to protect the freedom HE gave us.

3. We should gather for mutual support and encouragement!

Every town or village, every town, township, county, city, or parish should have an active Freedom Team that commits itself to urging people to take the first two steps, to establishing a local “news blog” to communicate with local people, to learning the spiritual and Biblical foundations of the Bill of Rights and teaching them to others, and to generally helping any member who has a need, crisis, or lack that the group can meet.

Each Team should focus on these things, but this should be layered on a foundation of seven key Biblical devotions- to God (worship, being in His presence), to the Apostle’s teaching (sound doctrine, Biblical literacy), to breaking of bread (eating together), to being connected (fellowship in the sense of sharing resources and supporting one one another), to the great commission (showing people what TRUE Freedom is), the great commandment (to love and to love our neighbor through mutual assurance and benevolence), and to pray (spiritual warfare for the community, seeking God’s power in defending and promoting HIS Freedom).

This should NOT be church-based or clergy-led. Anyone should be able to participate, but let the clergy off the hook this one time to focus on the deeper things of the Word, let the People themselves lead these Teams and as Teams emerge, they can form their own Freedom Committees to extend the Freedom of Christ throughout the WHOLE region!

This is the basic idea for going beyond the Tea Party. It would have a political impact, but it is not based on politics and its goal is not political. We can use our citizenship wisely and fruitfully, but if we are not using it for the Kingdom of God to be established in the hearts of men, then we are wasting our efforts, in my opinion.

WILL YOU STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, and GET INVOLVED? Will you Repent, Petition, and Gather to protect our freedom from the powers of darkness which have waged war on the freedom God has given us?

If you want to ACT, let’s start by just dropping me a line.

Send an email to and let’s connect and see how God will prosper us.

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