The Fight For Marriage Is NEVER Over

Throughout history, those who wish to rewrite society from the top down have argued, once they gained the upper hand, that “the fight is over”. Indeed, too often those who have sought to revert to uncivilized behavior, including especially sexual misconduct which every civilized people come to condemn, are somehow “modern” and advanced. Way back around 1,000-900 AD when the Dorians invaded Greece they sacked cities and used force to alter society, introducing the barbarous practices of man-boy love. The “tradition” among these barbarian invaders, long since rejected by Mycenaen civilization, was for an older man to “tutor” a younger man, a boy who might be 10 years old, and make of him a “lover” before initiating him into the company of men.

The “argument” was over only because anyone who did not agree might be persecuted or killed by the new barbarian masters. There was no argument. There was imposition from above which a mostly cowed populace went along with because they did not want the hassle.

So too a cabal of elites have, over the past 10 years, invaded every sphere and, using a combination of activist judges and activist media (who tear into all opposition like rabid dogs), along with lawfare (suing anyone who refuses to cater to so-called gay marriage events or, recently, a Christian T-shirt company that refused to print pro-gay t-shirts), re-introduced the practices of homosexuality into the “mainstream” as “good” while demonizing all who do not agree as if they are the barbarians. They have imposed this, and most people, cowed by stories of the consequences inflicted on all dissentors, have decided it’s better to just go along with this new (but really rather old) practice.

And so marriage is redefined. In the once Christian society that used to exist, marriage between a man and a woman symbolized the relationship between Christ and the church, and while having children was not the sole purpose of the institution per se, the instutition was seen as the best and most effective way to ensure that children were raised by the natural father and mother. The exception, such as being barren or an untimely death, did not disprove the rule or change this ideal. Marriage included love between the man and the woman, but it was also about fatherhood and motherhood and it was a picture of the mystic union between Christ, the bridegroom, and the church, His Bride.

Marriage is now simply defined as feelings of “love”, or sexual pleasure, or just a “commited relationship” that lasts “until divorce” instead of for life. Its proponents believe this will have no negative consequences, let alone earn the ire of God!

If it had only been a case of saying it’s OK for two adults to have any relationship they please, hardly anyone would be effected. But the real policy we see now is to punish everyone who refuses to associate with the practice or those who practice it. This is based on the claim that homosexuality is inhereted genetically, without any proof being submitted. Moreover, the very notion that we can be “born” to behave in a certain way hearkens back to eugenics. It also ignores the fact that if people are born with a congenital disorder, as some might see homosexuality, the right response is to treat the disorder, not celebrate it.

I have interacted with gay rights groups and I can assure you, unless we, Christians, accept them, including participating in their activities if we have any service related business, renting to them, and even printing t-shirts for them as well as accepting them into our churches and Christian groups, they will use lawfare to destroy us. The agenda is to force Christianity into the closet.

The argument about homosexuality, it is argued, is over. Our society now believes, so our leaders say, that not wanting to associate with homosexual people or practices is akin to being prejudiced against black people. This is a  prophecy these leaders, who control all the agencies of influence and coercion, are going to do their best to fulfill. The argument is over as far as they are concerned, because they have, apparently, won. When they lost 14 different referenda in 2004 as the public voted for natural marriage rooted in fatherhood and motherhood the debate was not over- judges have struck down all those popular votes and the media went into over-drive prortraying an idealistic picture of homosexuality even as traditional marriage was portrayed in an extremely negative manner.

But the argument is not over because the participants in this argument are not limited to the echo chamber of our modern Dorian invaders or the docile and bullied public. This argument also involves God, His People who are being persecuted in America in the name of “gay rights”, and the forces of history which will inexorably condemn this barbarism and punish it with severe consequences- namely the loss of this entire civilization.

Long after the American state has become a bad memory, ushered into its demise by its retrograde march back to barbarism, the argument over these practices will be settled once and for all, at least as far as America is concerned- there will be no American state to punish Christians who refuse to participate in a gay marriage event, who publicly say that this is a sin, or who refuse to print pro-gay t-shirts. America today may choose to bow down to the new barbarians, but this false god will avail them nothing when the true and only God weighs in.

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