We Are An Eternal Nation

We who follow Christ want to be part of a nation whose God is the Lord. Yes? Of course we do, and it’s healthy to want that, just like wanting to be married and have kids. I am talking here to Christians who do want to be part of a temporal nation whose God is the Lord.

Now, I believe God ordains the existence of temporal nations (national peoples is a more specific way to say what I am getting at- I am NOT talking about “states” or governments, this is a dfferent matter). Some do not, and I respect that, but I want to establish here that for those who seek or want a temporal nation (of people, or “national people”) whose God is the Lord, that I understand that. I also believe “nations” should be people-centered, not state-centered, as in a national people. This doesn’t mean that nations don’t have states, but nations have existed without states- the Assyrian nation of today and the Jewish nation come to mind- it means that statehood is not an essential ingredient for nationhood, as history plainly shows. In other words, I am focusing on the people aspect of what a nation is, NOT the state (which is a TOTALLY different matter).

So I have established, as for wanting a temporal nation of people whose God is the Lord, I believe that is a good thing: but it’s not the primary thing. Not even if God has told you He wants you to plant the seeds of such a nation or if He tells you to preach to a temporal nation. It may take up a lot of your time, but the thing that drives even that must be our core Christian “eternal national identity.”

For instance, my love for my wife is rooted in my love for God, our relationship is a model, albeit limited and a mere pale shadow, of my relationship with Jesus.

We as Christians, who see our nation, America (not the state, the national people), reject God, can get to feeling like we want to be part of a nation whose God is the Lord. We know America, as a nation that is rejecting God, is not on the winning side of eternal history.

Within me I believe I have the seeds of two nations of people, a temporal “nation of people whose God is the Lord” I may or may not live to see but which I has seen in my spirit, but, more importantly, an eternal, spiritual nation whose God is the Lord, whose sovereignty is rooted in love and faith, whose Government rests on the shoulders of Jesus Christ. I can appropriate my “citizenship” and eternal national identity in Christ or I can focus on this temporal nation, America, which is rejecting God and His Christ, our Lord.

Even if God woke you up tomorrow like Abraham and said “get thee up and I will make of thee a great nation” (a nation that is temporal) if you do not appropriate your heavenly citizenship in the eternal nation of the People of God, which is His Kingdom among us (a spiritual Kingdom), then this would avail you good ONLY in this life. If you managed to convince America to become a people-centered nation of people whose God is the Lord, with a state that serves that nation without trying to control that nation by coercion, and you did not grasp the meaning and significance of your eternal national identity which you share with every Believer, you’d miss God’s best for your life.

Even if you do not want or seek a temporal nation, as some are happy not to be married (for instance), the need to understand and appropriate your citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven is still just as strong as ever, just as the un-married person still needs to be married to Jesus.

We are a holy nation. We are a Kingdom of kings and priests unto the Lord. Not in the same way temporal nations exist, our existence is deeper, broader, and transcendent. We have power, not over non-believers, whom God rules and judges, but over the powers and principalities of darkness, which is even greater than temporal power. We advance our Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God, not with politics and dominion or coercion, but with our witness and influence and, yes, even by laying down our lives to give a martyr’s witness. (I might add- for the Christian we do not even advance or renew or influence temporal nations except by our witness and God-given influence).

I firmly believe we are right and just if we seek a temporal nation of people whose God is the Lord, but like the single adult who seeks a temporal spouse who must first be married eternally to Christ, we who would influence or be used to shape the temporal nations must first realize and appropriate our standing and our obligations to an eternal nation which, unlike ALL temporal nations, will pass not away.

I believe William Penn, who many credit as having sowed the seeds of the American nation, understood this and lived this- he knew that the roots even of the temporal nation God showed him must come were in that eternal nation which was, and is, and is to come (just like its King, Jesus Christ).

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