Welcome To The Brave New POLITOCRACY!

The Brave New Politocracy: Where Politics Controls The People and  Where Politicos and The Big Money Donors Control The Government

WARNING: RADICAL TRUTH AND HONESTY ON DISPLAY, don’t read this if you “know your place” on the plantation and are comfortable with that!

Is America a democracy, a republic, a plutocracy, or even a fascist regime? People have used all these terms and more, but, really, what defines America’s current reality isn’t “conservatism” or “liberalism”, or even “constitutionalism” versus “progressivism”.

The heart of the battle that now rages in America is the war between the godliness and ungodliness, and this war manifests itself very often in the realm of “politics”, with various forms of godlessness imposing slavery and various forms of godliness seeking freedom as God has given us and as God defines it. No other view of conflict and of historical cycles is correct, only the views based on godliness versus godlessness have the ability to explain every conflict and to propose positive solutions!

The real battle line in terms of public life and public policy is between Freedom and the Politocracy- on one hand freedom within a nation that has separate authorities where most political power is local and where the People Rule by some form of consensus OR slavery in an American state that controls every aspect of life, where every issue or problem is “political”, and where the government rules the People and a few insiders, namely politicos and their big money donors or special interest backers, rule the government.

These two opposing systems are not defined. by “ideology”, it is more about method and behavior than what people say they want or even intend. 

The first system called, “The Freedom Commonwealth”, is a Biblical view for a society that has a state with limited and defined duties where most issues and needs are addressed without the political power being much involved. The state acts as a limited commonwealth of freedom, the People Rule, and only God is considered to be “supreme”.

When I was young I had a God-given creative insight into what a freedom commonwealth could be, I called it by the name of “Upadaria” (you-pah-dare-ee-ah) after the initials “UPDR” which stand for two things:

UPDR as a “United Popular Democratic Republic” where “The People” (Upa in ancient Persian) “Rule” (Daria in ancient Persian, from ‘King Darius’) according to God’sApproved” (Upa in ancient, pre-koine Greek and Sanskrit) “Wisdom” (Daria in both pre-koine Greek and ancient Persian).

UPDR as “The Four Biblical Pillars of Governance“, being Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and the Rule of law.

Others have expressed and defined the Freedom Commonwealth differently, many just using the word “Republic“, but generally these similar approaches all agree with these things.

When people in a region accept territorial responsibility to build freedom for Christ locally according to the Biblical UPDR model for a Freedom Commonwealth we call this connected community a “Regency of The People“, and if we learn to activate people to practice their God-given regency together we can see a NEW birth of the Freedom Commonwealth in this land.

But first we must understand how much UNLIKE a Freedom Commonwealth this nation is today.

The second system, which is our main subject, we call “the Plantation Politocracy”, it is a godless view for a society that is controlled by a state with unlimited and broadly defined duties where most issues and needs are addressed by and for benefit of the political power, including the politicos and their big money backers. The state replaces God and the People only vote for the options the politicos and their backers let them choose from.

You could have a “conservative” like ideology or a “progressive” like ideology and yet STILL be either in the Freedom camp or the Politocracy camp. The real question is “how will you pursue your goals, by means of a Freedom Commonwealth or an Plantation Politocracy?”

People who are for something more like a Freedom Commonwealth where “the People Rule by God’s Approved Wisdom”, via their consent, fall into the “Freedomist” camp. Unless they learn to practice their God-given LOCAL regency together, however, they will never really change anything!

People who are for political solutions to all of our problems and who want the affections and values of the People, based on their shared belief in God, to be subordinated to the whims of politicos and their big money supporters all into the “Politocracy” camp.

It’s godliness or ungodliness, it’s FREEDOM or POLITOCRACY! There are Freedomists and Politocrats!

America has become a Politocracy where insiders and their big money backers use everything from media, academia, the courts, and regulations to impose their own agenda, a godless, freedom-taking agenda that gives them more wealth and more power at the expense of the People. A Politocracy has the sheen of a democracy, but the issues, the beliefs and values that are allowed in the discussion, as well as the list of candidates the people are allowed to choose from, are limited to what the Politicocrats wish to offer.

Unlike an outright dictatorship, a Politocracy is a far subtler form of freedom-taking and rule-making and it is wrapped up in the language of freedom, liberty, and democracy when it is, in reality, an insidious threat to all of these things. Unfortunately, like a woman who cannot bring herself to have that lump in her breast checked out, most of the People in this land do not WANT to take a good hard look at what has been happening to their nation.

In the Politocracy, the news media isn’t “state-owned”, but its players are big money backers to the political class and their self-interest guarantees that what is reported reflects a view they wish the People to have: no matter to them that facts are left out, that lies are added, or that big issues are set aside for stupid distractions. Politocratic News operates on behalf of the politocrats in general, it is employed ONLY in their service.

It doesn’t LOOK like “state run news”, in fact when non-politocrats are in high office, it may even seem like it is going after “the government”, but even this is a sham. The only way to get the ire of the Politocratic Media is for a public official to do godly things for the People instead of doing godless things for the politicos and their big money donors!

The same is true of Academia, it has been peopled at the top by minions of the Politocracy who seek to shape young minds in the interest of that Politocracy and, for a lucky few who show no moral scruples, to find fresh members of the Politocracy. From kindergarten on up, the best way to advance in Academia is to advance the Politocratic agenda in the classroom: anybody who fails to do this is swimming against the tide. The godly are routinely harassed and treated unfairly while the godless are praised and protected from scrutiny.

In entertainment there is no need for a ministry of propaganda, the “entertainers” and the “producers” are in fact big money backers to the politicos, and they expect their politicos to dance to their tune: in other words the entertainment industry is largely owned and controlled by the Politocrats themselves! Why do we see so many “stars” touting the sort of ideology best suited to a Politocracy? The answer is simple, they are the Politocrats!

In our brave new politocracy everything is “political”- the “government” makes rules for everything we do and say, both in public and in private, every type of community and institution is subject to its edicts and nothing is autonomous from government or out of bounds for its regulators. Marriage is now a “political issues” as Politocrats, seeking to destroy any “competition”, seek to destroy the only legitimate form of family, centered on father and mother, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents- their artificial construct of “family” where sexuality and pleasure with anything or anyone is the new “center” simply destroys ancient bonds and makes the hapless individual an isolated victim of their programs who cannot fight back!

In short, “gay marriage”, “no-fault divorce”, a welfare policy that FAVORS single mothers, state-funded contraception, and abortion are all designed to destroy an institution that is, when it is healthy, more powerful than the state. By making us only “individuals” connected by nothing more than self-interest and self-indulgence, the Politocrats divide us to conquer us.

A society that fails to nurture its life-affirming and freedom-building institutions, such as family, faith communities, local communities, private enterprise, private property, and private free-associations is a society ripe for rape by a Politocracy.

In the name of so-called “individual freedom” we are all made helpless slaves who cannot call on anyone to defend us from our abusers!

Welcome to our brave new politocracy!

Note: hat tip to my wife, Dora, who coined the word “politocracy”!

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